About Us

Founder and the founding date of the Church

Senior Pastor John Mulungu was born in Congo – in the very modest city of Sud-Kivu (South Kivu). He’s path with the Lord began when he was summoned the ministry by God at the tender age of nineteen. Those who know him will agree without a doubt that this is a man grounded and rooted in the infallible word of the God. As an anointed servant of God, he exudes an unconditional love for the people in his ministry for the glory of God.

He started off as a leader of a fellowship called the 30th Community Pentecostal in Zaire and a Shepard in a ministry entitled Jesus Appelle Tous (which translates to “Jesus Calls All” in English).

It was in 1999 that Pastor Mulungu trusted God and moved to South Africa to start his adventure as a born again Christian. His first two years in South Africa were spent in Durban, where he continued, relentlessly to administer the work of God.
The year 2003 was one of many blessings as it entailed the birth of the Revival Pentecostal Church in Phoenix, in Cape Town. Through God’s grace, the church has planted three other branches which are in the following areas; Upington (Northen Cape South Africa),Kuruman (Northen Cape South Africa) D’uvira which is in Congo. The branches are growing successfully under the leadership of Apostle John Boanerge (Upington), Apostle John Peter Mikoka (Kuruman) and Pastor Toto Musafiri (Congo, Uvira).


Together with his wife, Pastor Julie Mulungu, a founding member of the Revival Pentecostal Church’s women’s ministry - they have ministered deliverance and encouragement to thousands. They are blessed with five beautiful children, three girls and two boys.



Statement of faith:

Revival Pentecostal Church is the place of Change, Transformation and Spiritual Growth.


Vision Statement:

  • Preaching the word with the message of salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ
  • To be the people that will change our community and families
  • To understand the purpose of spiritual warfare
  • Recognizing the deep and primary strategies that the enemy uses against human beings today.


Mission Statement:

To make disciples of all nations and to teach them to observe all things that Jesus Christ has commanded us (His Gospel).